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25 Things Better than a Buzzfeed Listicle

People occasionally ask me about things to read, so I made a list of things that have had a huge influence on me.

Update 2017: while all of these were influential, and many remain some of the best things I've ever read, they're no longer an exactly accurate picture of my favorites. I'll write an update some day, but until then, I'll recommend my all-time favorite book, Dewey’s Art as Experience.

Bret Victor is the cleverest person on the internet. I’m not going to link to every page on his website, but you should read all of them.

Up & Down the Ladder of Abstraction : 40m

Magic Ink : 2h

Media for Thinking the Unthinkable : 40m

Drawing Dynamic Visualizations : 35m

Stop Drawing Dead Fish : 53m

Inventing on Principle : 54m

iA is a design consultancy based in Tokyo and Zurich that also makes the great Writer Pro.
Favorite Posts:
The Interface of a Cheeseburger : 9m Learning to See : 26m Responsive Typography: The Basics : 14m Can Experience be Designed : 10m The 100% EZ-2-Read Standard : 7m Web Design is 95% Typography : 9m

Ribbonfarm is a business strategy / conceptual refactoring blog. Even the comments are great here.
Favorite posts:
Product vs Consumer Driven : 41m The Gervais Principle : 20m (part 1 only) A Little Big Idea Called Legibility : 36m UX and the Civilizing Process : 15m

UI Guidelines

The 2005 version of the Mac OS X HI Guidelines is the very first thing I ever read on design. It has some great sections that have since been removed. It's a masterwork.

Also good: The Nokia Meego HI Guidelines (tragically, now only available by Wayback Machine)

The Zen of Palm

Books: These are all gold.
Löwgren & Stolterman — Thoughtful Interaction Design : How interaction design is actually done.

Lakoff & Johnson — Metaphors We Live By : On the interaction between cognition and language.

Don Norman — The Design of Everyday Things : The essential text on design and usability.

Jeff Raskin – The Humane Interface : Raskin is a master of UI design.

Bringhurst — The Elements of Typographic Style : The best book on typography ever written.

Karen Cheng — Designing Type : Have you ever wanted to design a font? You probably don't actually (it takes forever, trust me) but this book gives you what you need to know.